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 X120Mn12 is called Mn13 in China   

Grade:120Mn12 < W1.3401 - AISI A 128 (A) - GOST 110 F 13 L - JIS SCMnH 1/11>
Germany standard G-X120Mn12
American standard US A128
Europe standard X120Mn12
China Mn13,X120Mn13
ZGMn13 China cast steel
high manganese steel
hot rolled plate hot round bar
Chemical composition (%)













mechanical properties

tensile strength Rm(Mqa)

 yield strength Re(Mpa)

reduction of area A(%)

ballistic work Akv(J)




124(normal temperature)

Specification scope commer specification 6-30mm. Special specification 1-5mm.
Shipment data one and half month without any special situation.
Mn13 we have the stocks Mn13

3, 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,20,25,30 mm.
Mn13(X120Mn12)is the best choice for resist-high impact ,the material of big stress in wear-resistance.The high manganese steel have two biggest features: one is external impact more bigger ,the wear-resistance of appearance is more higher ; another is with the gradually abrasion of densified laminated appearance, new densified laminated process is formed continually.
Mn13(X120Mn12)wrought-steel plate have wonderful abrasion resistance of high impact abrasion and big stress abrasion, when using it will not appear crash.It also has the excellence of easy for cutting ,welding ,curving and other mechanical properties for process.The traditional used high chrome forging only have the good wear-resistance of moving abrasion. Mn13(X120Mn12)rolled plate is reduced the cost of useing for quick-wear part of low equipment and save the overhaul fee of equipment,so it improves the competition.

We supply this steel more than 10 years.We do this business before we founded this company.and do business more than 50 countries. If you have any questions,pls feel free to container us.